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INDA™ Splash-Proof Dog Bowl

INDA™ Splash-Proof Dog Bowl

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What if You Could Instantly Eliminate Your Dogs  MESSY Drinking Habit? 

If you're tired of your pets making a big mess with their water, we have a cool fix for you! Our 'No Splash Water Bowl' is like magic for dogs and cats. It won't spill water all over your floors, and you can easily fill it just by tapping it lightly. It holds a lot of water, so your pets will always have enough to drink!

     🐶 Discover Why You Need Our Incredible Water Bowl Today!

🌊 Splash-Proof Magic: Say goodbye to messy floors and soggy socks! Our special design with a waterproof edge strip and floating disk keeps water where it belongs, in the bowl.

🐾 Slow Sipper: Your furry friend deserves a delightful drinking experience. The clever floating disk slows down their sips, making it more fun and less messy.

🐶 Dry Mouth, Happy Pet: No more wet fur and sloppy kisses! Our floating disk keeps your pet's mouth and coat dry while they drink.

🌟 Clean Water Always: With our two-piece disk design, you can keep dust, dirt, and pet hair out of the water, ensuring your pet enjoys crystal-clear refreshment.

💧 Mega Capacity: We've got big thirsts covered! Our bowls hold a whopping 35oz or 68oz, so your dog can drink to their heart's content all day long.

Upgrade your pet's drinking experience with our No Drip Water Bowl! Don't wait; grab yours today and make your furry friend's day! 🐕🐾🥤

                                   🐶  USING TIPS:  🐶

  • Please train your pets to use this dog water bowl for the first time, it would take time and patience for some pets to get used to it.
  • We recommend cleaning it every week. And the floating disk could be taken apart to clean.

                               🐶 NO MORE MESS YEAH! 🐶

Can't stop drinking from it!

Our pup wasn't drinking that much water before we got this and when he did boy was it messy lol. Now he is always drinking water from this bowl and their is no mess.

Works For All Sizes, Never Need to Worry About a Soaking wet PAW Ever Again!


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