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INDA™ Non-Spill Pet Water Bowl

INDA™ Non-Spill Pet Water Bowl

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Want a pet bowl that never spills and keeps your furry friend's paws dry? Discover the ultimate spill-proof solution today! 

🐶 This special pet bowl has a magic floating dish and a special strip to stop water from spilling out and making a mess. It also has sticky feet, so even if a playful child tries to tip it over, it won't fall!" 🐶

The floating bowl effectively prevents dust, dirt, pet hair and even larger particles from falling into the water, affecting the water quality. Creating a clean and healthy drinking environment for your furry little friend.! 🐶

When your pet's tongue touches the floating bowl, the water flows out of the hole and it drinks as much water as it comes out, conveniently and cleanly. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please contact us. We will be happy to help you. 🐶

This bowl holds enough water for a dog to drink all day or a cat for two days. Just remember to change the water regularly to keep it clean. 🐶

This water bowl won't move when your dog drinks because it has 4 special rubber feet. It's perfect for home or car trips! 🐶

 Our smart 2-piece disk design keeps the water pure, free from dust, dirt, and pesky pet hair. Your beloved pets will enjoy clean, fresh water around the clock! 🐶

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