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SMART CREATION™ LED Light Programmable Party Mask

SMART CREATION™ LED Light Programmable Party Mask

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 How Cool Would It Be To Control Your Halloween Mask Supply Images Stored at a Touch of a Button On Your Phone?

 Easily customize your Smart Digital Mask via the app on your mobile device: 1. Start the mask, 2. Enable Bluetooth, 3. Connect to the Shining Mask App to unleash your creativity with images, animations, text, and more.

 Experience the ultimate in LED fashion with our Luminous Mask – a striking full-face design with an adjustable strap for both adults and kids, perfect for parties, cosplay, and festive occasions. Elevate your style and stand out effortlessly.

 Choose from 45 dynamic animations and 70 static images to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with the LED Luminous Mask. Effortlessly connect via Bluetooth by downloading the Shining Mask App for unique DIY customization

Our LED mask is meticulously crafted from odorless, non-toxic materials, rigorously tested to meet top safety standards, ensuring comfort and peace of mind with no eye fatigue or adverse effects on your body. Your safety is our utmost priority.

Experience the brilliance of the LED Digital Electronic Face Mask with its 2074 high-quality LED lamp beads, offering vibrant colors and gesture control for easy display changes. Enjoy long-lasting battery life with just three AA batteries (not included). 
  Keep your Halloween Imagination As Scary As the LED Smart Mask Can Create For You!
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