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INDA™ Snuggle-Up Baby Sleep-sack

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What if you could give your baby the perfect swaddle for sweet dreams?

👶🏻Grow with Your Baby 👶🏻
Our versatile sleeping bag is perfect for infants from 0 to 12 months. Thanks to its adjustable, skin-friendly velcro design, it grows with your baby, ensuring they stay comfortable and cozy for longer, saving you money and keeping your little one snug.

  • Embrace Cozy Comfort: Perfect for cribs or strollers, this snuggly blanket ensures your baby stays warm and content.
  • Gentle on Their Skin: Crafted with skin-friendly cotton that becomes even softer with every wash, providing the ultimate comfort.
  • Double the Snuggle: Featuring a dual-layer design with soft polyester fleece, your baby will be wrapped in warmth from head to toe.
  • Effortless Accessibility: Say goodbye to fiddly fastenings – this blanket is easy to open for your convenience.

  •  👶🏻 Ensure Your Baby's Safety 👶🏻
    Our portable baby swaddle blanket features an ingenious anti-rolling design that protects your little one from rolling into risky positions when you're not around. Give yourself peace of mind and your baby the security they deserve!"


    👶🏻Indulge in Unparalleled Softness:👶🏻
    Our quilted fabric, meticulously chosen for its supreme quality, caresses delicate skin with the utmost tenderness. Its downy texture ensures that your little ones not only feel safe but also utterly delighted.

    👶🏻 Effortless Accessibility, Anytime: 👶🏻

    Our wide opening and convenient hook-and-loop fastening make it a breeze to swaddle your little one, even when they're wide awake and full of energy. No zippers or poppers to deal with – the sides simply open up smoothly, ensuring quick and hassle-free access for feeding or changing.

    👶🏻 Elevate Comfort and Style👶🏻 

    Our bear-shaped design not only captivates with its visual charm but also excels in functionality, ensuring a secure and irresistibly cozy swaddle that cradles your baby in comfort day and night.

    👶🏻Super Versatile and Cozy 👶🏻

    This extra-soft, fuzzy swaddle blanket can do lots of things – it can be a cozy stroller blanket, a comfy nursery addition, or even a warm sleeping sack for your toddler to snuggle in and feel safe.


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    INDA™ Snuggle-Up Baby Sleep-sack
    INDA™ Snuggle-Up Baby Sleep-sack Sale price$24.97 Regular price$49.99